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Contact me for any of these services:

  • Medicine Music Concerts

  • Holistic Wellness Packages

    • Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing​

  • Corporate Wellness Services Including:

    • Corporate Meditations​

    • Virtual Meditations

    • Beginner Yoga

    • Stress Relief / Stress Management Techniques​​

  • Spiritual Birthday Parties:

    • Yoga, Sound Healing, and Meditation packages for your solar return​

  • Mantra Meditation 

    • Virtual Meditation Sessions and In-Person Sessions (if located in South Florida​)

  • Holistic Retreat Services

    • Yoga, Meditation, Song Circles, Divine Feminine Song Circles, Throat Chakra Workshops​

  • Family Therapy Meditations and Workshops

  • Voice Activation Workshops / Throat Chakra Activation

  • Cacao Ceremonies

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Welcome and many blessings to you!

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  • YouTube
I look forward to connecting with you!
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