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Meditation and Peace of Mind

We meditate to improve the quality of our life.

When we have peace in our mind and can think clearly, we operate more efficiently. Add an element of gratitude or compassion, and you've got the recipe for success and stress-reduction.

In 2017, I left my job as an audio-visual translator and journeyed to India to study yoga and meditation. Today, equipped with Eastern wisdom in the Western world, I specialize in corporate wellness and group and individual mantra meditations and guided visualization sessions for stress relief.

Videos courtesy of Bridge Miami

Mindfulness exercises, guided visualizations, soothing sound baths, guided journaling, music and mantra meditation are some of the methods I incorporate during virtual meditations and in person sessions.

In addition to corporate wellness groups, clients and collaborations include Modern Om, a global panel of multidisciplinary wellness facilitators and Art With Me Festival. You can find my FREE weekly musical meditations here.

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