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Miami Beach singer

Of Native Hawaiian heritage,  Emilia sings in Spanish, Hawaiian, Portuguese, English, Yoruba and Gurmukhi.  Her performances often include both entrancing, meditative songs and upbeat chants from Indigenous tribes of the Americas that she has collected through her travels and studies. Her presence is global, singing at international and domestic retreats  and festivals that bring people together in harmony and reflection.  She also has songs on all major platforms ranging from South American medicine prayers with tribal beats to Buddhist mantras accompanied by delicate notes from her ukulele.


Specializing in meditation concerts, Emilia offers a unique and enchanting experience. Her ethereal voice effortlessly weaves through the tapestry of serenity, enveloping audiences in a cocoon of calmness and relaxation. Each performance is a meditative journey, a sanctuary where the mind finds solace and the body reclaims its peace.


Emilia is passionate about supporting people in healing the connection to their voice. She is a dedicated educator offering workshops, song circles, and online courses designed to help individuals discover the power within.

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