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Medicine Music + Meditation + Somatic Voice Activation

Miami Beach singer

Through her crystalline voice, Emilia Garth creates healing journeys weaving music and meditation. Of Hawaiian heritage, she is based in South Florida and shares her gifts around the world. She collaborates with a collective of musicians and co-facilitators to host transformative experiences specializing in sound healing ceremonies, voice activation workshops, and holistic wellness retreats that support a return to the divine peace within. After an experience with Emilia people feel empowered, expansive, and renewed. 

A professional singer-songwriter and recording artist, Emilia has released songs in Spanish, Gurmukhi, Portuguese, English, Hawaiian and Yoruba. In her performances she often shares mantras from India and medicine songs from Indigenous tribes of the Americas that she has gathered through her travels and studies. Lively rhythms accompany her warm soothing vocals, cradling listeners in the gentle waters of bliss. Like a nourishing mother tree, her radiant, generous presence on and off the stage activates people to grow and blossom. 


Emilia is passionate about supporting people in healing the connection to their voice. She uses a holistic approach to coach singers and public speakers that centers their personal empowerment. Her experience includes performances and partnerships with Modern OM, the 1 Hotel, Inhale Miami, Art with Me Festival, Fireflies Festival, and Bali Spirt Fest among others to offer private lessons and public workshops.

She is also the founder of Kanikapila Miami and the biannual festival Kanikapila Fest, a celebration with live world music and spiritual and creativity-activating workshops to bridge generation and cultural differences.

By Yadira Capaz


Contact Emilia for these services :

  • Individual or Group Meditation Sessions

  • Individual or Group Sound Healing Sessions

  • Sacred Music Concert

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Energy Clearing for Home or Office

  • Officiate Wedding Ceremonies

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